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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Protection packages for cars, trucks, SUVs and more.

You’ve decided to buy a used vehicle and you’re wondering if you need any sort of protection package, or if you should just drive the car off the lot as-is. You’re probably wondering if paint protection is worth it. Paint protection film, often referred to as 3M or Clearbra, is an essential aspect of keeping your vehicle protected from Alberta’s roads. The protective film creates a durable barrier that prevents rock chips, scuffs, and scratches from damaging the clearcoat or paint on your vehicle.

BMW PPF Sample

House of Cars offers quality paint protection film services for affordable prices. Here’s what you need to know about paint protection film:

What is paint protection film?

PPF is a thick, heavier version of Vinyl Wrap. Vinyl Wrap is a lighter, coloured film that is used to change the colour of your vehicle. Paint protection film is typically crystal clear, is much thicker, and self-heals when scratches occur. Paint Protection Film was designed to protect the paint of your vehicle and offer a layer of protection from rocks and other road debris. Paint protection film is extremely similar to the screen protector you probably use on your phone to protect it from damage. Paint protection film does not enhance the aesthetic of your film that will turn the color of your into a matte or satin finish, while maintaining the protective properties.

Why should I get paint protection film on my vehicle?

The last thing you want when you take home your new (to you) vehicle from House of Cars is to get an unsightly rock chip that can later start to rust. Alberta’s roads are full of road debris, meaning the likelihood of damaging your vehicle’s paint is high. Protecting your vehicle’s paint and keeping your vehicle in great condition can help your resale value stay strong. Unsightly rock chips, scuffs, dings, dents and rust will lower the value of your vehicle over time.

How much does paint protection film cost

Paint protection film varies in pricing, depending on which package you’re most interested in. House of Cars offer four different protection packages, with pricing starting from $499.

How does paint protection film help with my vehicle’s resale value?

People are drawn to nice things. A vehicle that has rock chips on the front bumper and hood are often valued significantly less when trading in your vehicle at a dealership or when selling privately. Buyers will often want to repair bumpers and body panels that are damaged, which will affect the offer they make on your vehicle. Unsightly rust, caused by rock chips, can also affect the value of your vehicle. The cost to re-paint a front bumper alone, in Alberta, can range from $500 to $1,000 (or more). Repairing rust can cost even more. By protecting your vehicles paint, you’re also ensuring that your vehicle is worth more money when it comes time to sell it.

How long will paint protection film last?

The typical lifespan of PPF is realistically around 5 to 7 years depending on conditions the film is exposed to, wear and tear, and how well you care for the film. If not properly cared for, PPF can start to peel or show signs of wear sooner than 5 years. It is recommended to always wash your vehicle with care and never pressure wash your film any closer than one meter away. Long exposure to direct sunlight and hot conditions can also diminish the film over time.
Did you know House of Cars offers Paint Protection film installation services?
One of the perks of buying from House of Cars is that we have in-house installers that can protect your vehicle with 3M protective film. With attractive pricing, we can build the cost of your paint protection film into the monthly payments of your auto loan, meaning you won’t pay an up-front cost to protect your vehicle from road debris.

What happens if my paint protection film gets damaged?

Calgary’s roads contain a lot of debris, which can damage your vehicle’s paint at speed. Your best defense against rock chips and dents is to protect your vehicle with paint protection film from House of Cars. Your paint protection film will take the brunt of the damage and offers a durable barrier from rock chips. Your paint protection film is unlikely to get damaged from small rocks or road debris. However, if a large stone or a rock from a passing truck strikes your vehicle, it can cause damage to your film. If this happens, get in-touch with your House of Cars sales representative, who will help you determine your next steps.

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