Do I need a Van?

October 28th, 2022 by

If a car fulfills its purpose of moving me around, why would I consider a van?

This is a valid question, especially if you don’t move a lot of people or heavy equipment for work or a hobby.

Well, in a few words, vans are an excellent option because they are bigger, meaning they offer more space.

Regardless of your lifestyle, a van will offer more space, making it an excellent option for big families, offering comfort and a place for everyone.

Vans are also great for traveling with family or friends because of the same benefit, space. Comfort for a long trip is vital, and room for luggage is the most, especially if you travel with people who can’t pack lightly.

Of course, choosing another type of vehicle over a regular car can bring up a lot of concerns—nothing to worry about.

We are here to help you ease those concerns.

Higher Carbon Emissions

Worrying about the environment? It is good to care about that, but if you want a van, there are always options.

Not long ago, EVs (electric vehicles) arrived on the market. As with any new product, their capabilities were initially limited, and the battery capacity only offered the possibility of making short trips, especially when talking about electric vans.

Their batteries have improved significantly. A couple of months ago, an EV (the BrightdropZevo 600) broke the record of the longest trip with a single charge made by an electric delivery van.

Nowadays, different brands are removing their old diesel vans and changing them to electric vehicles. So, give it a few years, and you’ll see electric vans everywhere.

Higher Insurance

One might think that because the vehicle is bigger, then the insurance is higher. The insurance might be higher, but it depends on your lifestyle and what the van is for. If the van will become your new personal vehicle for you to move around town comfortably, don’t worry. The insurance is practically the same as a car’s.

But if you are using the van for work, then consider this:

Think about all the work-related assets you’ll be carrying in your van; all your equipment and materials will be there. That means the insurance cost will be higher for it to cover the extra value of the equipment.

Looking For An Affordable Van In Canada?

Because vans are bigger than other vehicles, they tend to be more expensive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t afford them if you are interested in getting one.

There are different ways to find lower price vans, like searching for smaller vans and preowned ones.

The other option is to find good car finance or a good car loan regardless of if the credit score is good or bad. So, if you are looking for an excellent financing option, visit House of Cars Calgary.

Many car dealerships in Canada have difficulty with loans if the credit score is bad or not perfect. But for us, that’s not an issue.

We have excellent car loans and financial plans that perfectly adapt to your budget. If you are concerned about your credit score, you’ll immediately become part of our credit rebuild program.

This means you’ll get your dream car and enjoy every second of driving it, as you quickly pay it off while your credit score improves.

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