How To Protect Your Car’s Worth During Alberta’s Cold Weather

September 30th, 2023 by

Beneath this scenic beauty of Alberta lies a formidable adversary for vehicle owners: the notoriously harsh weather (and road salt).

Preserving your car’s value during Alberta’s challenging weather conditions can be a pain, but taking steps to protect your car doesn’t just preserve its aesthetic appeal; it’s a shield that guards your invest​​ment against the inevitable wear and tear brought about by bitter winters, road salt, highway rock chips and fluctuating climates. 

But worry not – maintaining your car’s value in this weather is not only possible, it can be straightforward with the right know-how, and House of Cars is here to give you a few easy tips.

From battling fierce winters to safeguarding your investment, uncover lesser-known strategies to ensure your vehicle remains in prime condition year-round.



Alberta’s winters aren’t just a casual chill. With temperatures often plummeting into a bitter cold, ensuring your car isn’t just surviving but thriving is crucial.

Engine Block Heaters: A godsend in Alberta’s icy tendrils. Ensuring your engine warms up efficiently, it mitigates the stress on your car’s battery and engine during frigid climate.

Undercoating: Applying rust-proof undercoating to shield your vehicle’s underbelly from the salt and sand concoction used on icy roads, safeguarding against corrosive damage.


Strategic Parking: Your Shield Against the Elements

Seemingly simple, yet often overlooked, the art of strategic parking can significantly prevent weather-induced damage.

Covered Parking: Whenever possible, shield your car from direct exposure to snow, ice, and the sun to protect the paintwork and interior. Hail damage prevention is also a bonus!

Mind the Trees: In warmer weather, tree sap, broken branches and bird droppings can become your paintwork’s nemesis. A simple car cover can be a convenient alternative when a garage is not an option.


Seasons Switch

Transition between winter and all-season tires, ensuring optimal grip and safety across varying weather conditions.

Alignment Checks: Alberta’s winter can be tough on roads, leading to potholes and uneven surfaces. Regular alignment checks prevent uneven tire wear and safeguard handling.


Ensuring your vehicle’s fluids are optimal is particularly crucial in harsh conditions.

Antifreeze: Ensure your coolant is a balanced mix to prevent engine freezing in the winter months.

Wipers: Upgrade to winter-grade windshield washer fluid to prevent freezing and ensure clear visibility through sleet and snow.



Wax On, Wear Off: A quality wax not only enhances your car’s shine but provides a protective layer against harsh UV rays and the abrasive winter elements.

Interior Protection: Utilise sun shields, seat covers, and regular interior clean-ups to ensure the inside of your vehicle remains as immaculate as the exterior.


Consistent Check-Ups


Routine professional check-ups: Particularly post-winter, can catch issues before they turn into value-diminishing problems.

HVAC Health: Ensure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is robust, safeguarding against window fogging and ensuring a comfortable cabin in all conditions.


Maintaining your car’s value is an ongoing journey, especially during Alberta’s varying weather conditions. Combining regular maintenance with strategic protective measures will ensure your vehicle remains a reliable, valuable asset through every season.


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