Nominate A Family For A Gift Of Hope This Christmas!

November 1st, 2022 by

Do you know someone who could use some holiday cheer this Winter? The House of Cars Foundation is looking for nominations for our Hope For The Holidays campaign! If you know someone who has been struggling and could use some good-will, fill out our nomination form and we might be helping them get back on track! We’re accepting nominations from all over Alberta!

$50 from every car we sell in the month of November and December will contribute to a fund, which we’ll use to help as many families as we can this Winter.

What we need you to do is help us find the families that need some support! Weather it’s groceries, toys, furniture or winter tires, we want to help! If you know someone who could use their bills paid, we want to help! If you know someone who needs help fixing their vehicle, we want to help!

Nominate your neighbour, your coworker, family members or whoever you feel deserves a holiday uplift. There is no one-size-fits-all gift package. Our aim is to help families with whatever they need. Tell us their story and how we can help!

We’ll be closing nominations on December 1st and will review each and every one of them. We’ll pick the submissions that captivate us the most and will surprise those individuals with their gifts in late December.

The number of families we help will depend on the funds raised in our Hope For The Holidays pool. The more cars we sell, the more families we can help out!

Nominations Are Now Closed!

Congratulations to the recipients of our Hope For The Holidays Campaign:

Hope For The Holidays